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Company Profile

We have our own factory, and registered factory, firm and limited company business execution license, we also provide goods to some domestic sellers. Since its opening, the company has been focusing on claw Chain/cup chain products. Due to the needs of market development and the continuous aging and shortage of skilled workers. Alloy products just make up for this problem, because most of the production process can be replaced by machines. Therefore, after 2019, our production focus has shifted to the production of alloy products and related handmade products.

In the summer of 2009, we started to do Alibaba International website, and in the summer of 2012, we started to operate this wholesale stock website. At first, we only sold some samples and excess products during mass production on this website, (due to the defective rate, the quantity of mass production is usually a little more than the customer ordered). Because it's selling well, and then we produced large quantities of stock through our own design and a large selection. Most of the customers who buy our inventory products are old customers who have cooperated with us for a long time and new customers introduced by old customers. We have not done any additional advertising and google promotion for this wholesale website to attract more customers. Just rely on the long-term cooperation with old customers to operate until today, we really thank them very much for their company and trust.


The actual stock quantity may differ from that shown on our website. if the demand for individual style is more than 2-5 dozens or the order is very urgent, you can consult us as earlier as you can before placing the order, just in case the products are sold out and we still have enough time to arrange the mass production or recommend other similar styles to replace them. 

Any alloy crowns could be customized , such as stone colors, plating colors or adding combs if you could reach to dozens for the MOQ ( it depends on the style and qty). 

Wholesale Requirements & Related Information


1.Total order amount reach to usd200, the wholesale price will be offered. Any order less than usd 200 could be negotiable, please email directly to angela@yisojewelry.com 

2.Most of stock orders could send out  within 3-7 days after receipt of the full payment. Most of Large orders could send out 7-25 days Any urgent order we will try to send them out within 2 days.

3.Stock orders usually take 5-12 days to ship via DHL, FedEx and UPS only. Most orders can be delivered within 5-8 days.

We only use stable and reliable express delivery way, this can reduce some disputes and some unpleasant experiences, such as lost parcels, send wrong address, products damaged, shipping delay, difficulty in customs declaration or delay and extra incidentals etc. 

4. Please manually select  the corresponding shipping cost we listed  according to the total amount of your orderThe listed shipping cost has included Paypal bank handling fee together, which is 4.4%+USD0.3 of the total order amount. We also bear part of the shipping cost to reduce the burden on customers.

5.When you place an order on the website or arrange payment, please be sure to note or remark when you want to receive the goodsand double check that the shipping address and phone number are correct. If we find that the address of the website order is different from the Paypal payment's shipping address, we will usually use the Paypal's shipping address

6.The total amount of the order exceeds USD1000, we need to carefully calculate the shipping cost and then inform the customer to pay the balance freight. You can also ask us to add more accurate shipping cost before placing the order and then pay. Because once the mixed products and specifications are more, the set freight may be different from the actual weight of our shipment. It would be more reasonable and fair for both buyers and sellers. 

7.We also accept T/T bank transfer payment US dollars account in the United States  Bank handling fee around USD 5 for each transaction . It takes 1-2 working days to arrive. You can write an email to ask us to provide a bank account . Especially for orders totaling more than $3000-5000, this can save a lot of Paypal transfer fees. 

8.You can also consider using Alibaba's Direct Pay or Trade Assurance Order System to place an order to us, Alibaba platform will charge both sellers and buyers a transaction service fees of approximately 2-3%  of the total order amount. It may also have around 10% Sales tax (Each state may charge different fees) is collected by Alibaba from the buyer  and will be remitted to competent tax authority accordingly, unless the buyer has a valid tax ID/tax exemption qualification for the destination country of the order.

9. If the goods are shipped through Alibaba Logistics, Some Ali-logistics shipping way had to wait several days at local warehouses in China to gather more goods before they could arrange shipments. Most of them need to declare the true value of the product, and US local delivery companies may charge extra Customs clearance duty due to high value when customers receive the goods.Their chances of missing and delayed parcels are a little high, especially for the economy shipping.

10.The products on our Alibaba website  https://yiso.en.alibaba.com are charged according to the volume or weight of the product as the standard freight, and Our company's stock website www.yisojewelry.com charges freight according to the unit price of the product,Therefore, the prices of some products sold on the two websites will be different, especially the product weight is heavier and the product volume weight is larger. Therefore, some sellers of Alibaba will set the unit price of the product lower but set the weight or volume of the product larger to attract customers.

11.If most of products you ordered for large and tall size or large round crown ,we may extra charge the shipping cost after we discussed.

12.Accept custom orders but may need to reach MOQ,  could send the picture and detail info to our Email: angela@yisojewelry.com 

13.Any large order could contact with us for asking a better price.

14. Could visit our USER GUIDE to know more about to buy our products.

15.Could visit our Alibaba website https://yiso.en.alibaba.com and to know more our products, most of products needs around 7-25 days for arranging mass production and 5-12 days for the shipping. 

If you trust us enough, we can also help customers purchase some our local sales of goods, or help to go to the site inspect goods and so on, It can reduce a lot of troubles and annoyances for customers. we may charge a certain commission, but some old customers can also be reduced or not charged.

We will update new products almost every week, remember to come to see, sooner or later you will encounter the product you want to buy, we will strictly check each product, packaging is as much as possible to protect the goods before shipping. Most importantly, we have the most reliable freight forwarder that has been working with us for more than 10 years. They are a large company established for more than 25 years.

Hope to get everyone's love of our products and recognition of our services. If there is something we are not doing well or thoughtful enough, Please don't hesitate to let us know as soon as possible and we will constantly improve and make some adjustments to make ourselves better.

Thank you  for your long-term support and enjoy shopping !!!